Carts - Leo Delivery
Carts - Leo Delivery

OB Carts

Made in laminate, wood/veneer or thermofoil, our delivery case carts can be customized with drawers, cupboards and even pass through capabilities. With the addition of flip up side tables, the top surface can be extended to hold additional supplies. Matching the color finish to the built in casework ensures that these clinical pieces look anything but institutional in a beautiful labor and delivery suite.

  • Flip Up Surface
  • Cupboard
  • Storage Space (Optional Fixed Shelf)
  • Pass Through Drawer
  • Bumper
  • 4" Casters, 2 Locking, 2 Non-Locking

General Specifications

  • Height: 35.25"
  • Base Depth: 23"
  • Base Width: 27"
  • Fixed Work Surface: 25" W
  • Extended Work Surface (with Flip tables engaged): 53"
  • Customizable Configurations for Flip Up Tables, Pass Through Drawers, Drawers and Cupboards

Color Finishes

Hard Rock Maple

Wilsonart 10776-60


Wilsonart T421-CA

Medium Oak

Wilsonart 7919-78

Medium Cherry

Wilsonart 7039-60

Chocolate Pear

Wilsonart 7942-38

Custom colors available to match your décor

Drawer Style


Laminate Finish Only


Wood/Veneer or Thermofoil Finish Only


Wood/Veneer or Thermofoil Finish Only


Wood/Veneer or Thermofoil Finish Only


Wood/Veneer or Thermofoil Finish Only


Modern Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Knob

Ornate Stainless Steel

Modern Brass

Brass Knob



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