OR Booms/ Pendants
OR Booms/ Pendants

Amico’s OR Pendant Systems include our Spectra Series, Saturn Series, and OR Equipment Pendant. Our Spectra Series is fully customizable, allowing our end users to tailor the consoles to their choice. In addition to customizing the sizes of consoles, braking system, med-gas outlets and integrated accessories, the Spectra Series may also be easily configured to incorporate a Patient Lift Pendant (PLP). The Saturn Series offers a fixed or rotating open (340°) for the user and is 100% customizable. Amico’s OR Equipment Pendant is designed to accommodate our clients’ needs, constructed with adjustable equipment shelves capable of withstanding up to 150 lbs each.


Brake Options

Electric Brake

This brake allows for easy movement of the entire boom system.

Console Laminates

Multiple colors available for console laminates


Equipment Shelf
IV Poles
IT Station
Cord Wrap


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