Freedom Series Surface Mount Panel Wall

Surface Mounted Headwalls

Our custom designed Freedom Series surface mounted panel wall systems feature state-of-the-art aesthetics, flexibility in design, maximum clinical functionality and simple installation. Amico will partner with you to design surface mounted headwall systems that integrate all your services and equipment to maximize the workflow of your clinical environment.

The Panel Wall is Made Up of Several Components:

  • Vertical sections where the services are located.
  • Studded central section with removable laminate panels for bed area.
  • Studded left/right section with removable laminate panels.
  • Optional cabinets for IT stations, patient lift station or glove storage components.
  • Optional decorative wood valance.


  • Complete assembly including gas outlets shall have a 5 year warranty. 1 year parts and labor and 4 additional years parts only, for a total of 5 years.

Streamlined Installation

Freedom Surface Streamlined Installation

Hard Piped Gases and EMT Conduit

Freedom Surface EMT Conduit

Materials and Construction

  • Integrated accessory rails are clear etched anodized.

  • Fascia is laminated aluminum finish where devices are located. All other fascia to be laminated MDF.
  • Amico medical gas outlets, DISS or quick connection type, console style.
  • Medical gas distribution shall be supplied by pipe drops to a single point connection above the unit. All Medical Gas Outlets and piping shall be brazed and tested in accordance with CSA Z7396.1-06 and NFPA 99c.
  • Wire for standard and critical branch power circuits shall be #10 or #12 type THHN stranded copper wire, 600 volt, with heat resistant thermoplastic insulation.
  • All ground conductors shall be installed in conduit or raceway. Where electrical terminations are located inside the Freedom Series Panel Wall, a grounding bus will be installed for each type of power, and shall be installed as to ensure grounding for the complete power system.
  • Low voltage data provisions shall be connected to device junction box via conduit or raceway. Amico Corporation shall include pull cord extending from junction box to service provision.
  • Electrical receptacles shall be Hospital Grade 15 or 20 amp, 120 or 277 volt, UL listed and marked Hospital Grade. Duplex Receptacles shall be NEMA style 5-15R or 5-20R.

Better Organization

  • Recessed equipment rails to better organize the clinical environment
  • Custom medical gas outlet placement to suit your needs

Flexibility For Your Needs

  • Accessory rails can be used for IT, monitor, cord and equipment management to meet current needs and provide seamless upgrades for future technology

Easy to Clean

  • Seamless design that is easier to clean and reduces infection control issues

Recommended for All Acuity Levels Including:

  • Emergency Department/Trauma
  • LDR
  • Transitional Step-Down
  • Patient Rooms
  • Special Procedure

Optional Acrylic Panels

3-form Thatch

3-form Gingko Thatch

3-form Amazon

3-form Harvest




And many other designs to choose from

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