Dual Screen Mounts (Eagle)

Multi Screen Mount

Your patients deserve all the attention they can get. The Eagle delivers by allowing you to display patient data on multiple screens. That means you can monitor vital signs on one LCD while charting on the other, never having to switch between applications and lose focus. Information is always visible when you need it, and thanks to multiple pivot points, you can move and tilt your monitors for easy viewing.

General Features

  • Portrait to Landscape
  • Sitting to Standing Position
  • Accomodates LCD size up to 24" (61 cm)
  • Independent Swivel Points
  • Tilt and Pan
  • Height Adjustable
  • Easy to Clean Surfaces
  • All Inclusive Warranty
  • Multiple pivot points
  • The Eagle even supports touch screen units, thanks to rugged construction that keeps the screens still at all times.

  • Share the results of an x-ray with your patient while you keep other screens private.



  • Portrait to landscape viewing


Monitor Arms

Monitor Arms

Writing Surfaces

Writing Surfaces

LCD Mounts

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