Skyline Overbed LED Light

Skyline Series

The Skyline Series Overbed LED Light was inspired by the aerodynamic shape of an Airplane Wing. The Amico Skyline Series overbed light offers a sleek and elegant design that meets the needs of both the patient and caregiver. Incorporating the latest in LED technology the Skyline light is designed to provide high quality illumination while meeting the aesthetic requirements of the patient room. The Skyline Series light is designed with seam-free surfaces and clean edges that eliminate dust traps and make cleaning easy.


Construction Material


  • Extruded aluminum


  • Powder coated, semi gloss, antimicrobial finish

Light Source:

  • Samsung LED (or equivalent) mounted to linear boards


  • Roal strato medical grade (or equivalent)


  • Nominal: 3' or 4'

  • Actual: 38.75" or 50.75"


  • 23 lbs



  • 120 - 277 V


  • Exam: 47.3

  • Ambient: 32.5

  • Reading: 32.5

  • All: 112.3

Light Output:

  • Exam: 4.822 lm

  • Ambient (one up): 3.395 lm

  • Reading: 3.163 lm

  • All: 11.311 lm


  • 0-10 and dali options available

Color Quality:

  • >80 CRI

Color Temperature:

  • 3000 K, 3500 K, 4000 K

Life of LEDs:

  • 50,000 hours


  • 5 years

Reading Light

Reading Light

  • (one down)

Examination Light

Exam Light

  • (one up / one down)

Ambient Light

Ambient Light

  • (one up)

Night Light

Night Light


    Spec Sheets
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    lt_sp_skyline_led_specsheet_re.pdf 456.6 KB PDF Download
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    alt_dr_skyline_4ft_led_read.ies 1.7 KB IES Download
    alt_dr_skyline_4ft_led_readamb.ies 1.9 KB IES Download
    alt_dr_skyline_4ft_led_exam.ies 1.8 KB IES Download
    alt_dr_skyline_4ft_led_amb.ies 1.7 KB IES Download
    alt_dr_skyline_4ft_led_all.ies 1.9 KB IES Download
    alt_dr_skyline_3ft_led_read.ies 1.7 KB IES Download
    alt_dr_skyline_3ft_led_readamb.ies 1.9 KB IES Download
    alt_dr_skyline_3ft_led_exam.ies 1.8 KB IES Download
    alt_dr_skyline_3ft_led_amb.ies 1.7 KB IES Download
    alt_dr_skyline_3ft_led_all.ies 1.9 KB IES Download

    Lighting Solutions

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    lt_br_light_brochure_mr.pdf 7.3 MB PDF Download