Compact Retro-Fit Alarm

The Retro-Fit process allows you to update and convert your old Medical Gas Equipment to new Amico equipment. This can be done without breaking the pipeline or cutting into the existing wall. Amico’s Retro-Fits are designed to use the existing back body of the previous product. This allows you to maintain the original configuration while improving both the functionality and aesthetic appearance of the equipment.


  • Individual microprocessor for each display and sensor module
  • Digital sensors can be mounted locally or remotely utilizing a #22 gauge stranded, shielded, twisted pair cable ONLY
  • True digital LED read-out with red “alarm” and green “normal” trend indication for each service
  • Psi, kPa or Bar read-out (switch selected)
  • Illuminated LED display readable even in poor lighting conditions
  • Self-diagnostic and error message display for ease of maintenance
  • High / Low Alarm set-points are field adjustable for each individual gas service
Spec Sheets
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Retro-Fit Products

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Medical Gas Pipeline

Medical Gas Design Guide for NFPA
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