Security Recessed Console Box Assembly
Security Recessed Console Box Assembly

Recessed Consoles

The Security Recessed Console Box Assembly includes a lockable front frame intended to be mounted over a Recessed Console Unit (sold separately). The Security Recessed Console Box Assembly is part of the Amico Alert-1 Series


Security Recessed Console Box Assembly Drawings


General Features

  • Removable front fascia for ease of maintenance and installation
  • Single cutout dimension for all accessories (outlets and electrical devices) are on a 2.5" (63.5 mm) center
  • Security front frame is made out of stainless steel and shall be lockable
  • The console is UL Listed to U.S. and Canadian safety standards and complies with NFPA 99.


  • Each recessed security console box is supported by a galvanized steel bracket, which shall be attached to the structural wall.
  • The fascia front assembly of the console box is made from extruded, clear anodized aluminium. The back box is made from galvanized steel.
  • The medical gas piping terminates as blank capped ends 5" (12.7 cm) above the console back box.
  • All specified devices are factory installed in the console backbox. The electrical devices are separated, but they are not pre-wired.
  • The console box shall be constructed of 16 gauge steel finish. Affixed to the opposing sides of the box will be two adjustable steel brackets for the purpose of mounting to structural support. The steel brackets shall accommodate various finished wall thicknesses of between 3/8" and 1-1/4" (9.5 mm and 31.75 mm) and shall be field adjustable.
  • The security door frame assembly shall be constructed of stainless steel and shall be mounted to the wall by standard screws. The door assembly shall be manufactured from stainless steel and attached to the frame with a stainless steel hinge. Access to the console shall be by opening the stainless steel door by means of a lock and key.

# of gangs3456789101112131415
DIM-”A” length of front

10.75” (273 mm)

13.25” (337 mm)15.75” (400 mm)18.25” (464 mm)20.75” (527 mm)23.25” (591 mm)25.75” (654 mm)28.25” (718 mm)30.75” (781 mm)33.25” (845 mm)35.75” (908 mm)38.25” (972 mm)40.75” (1035 mm)
length “B” of back box9” (229 mm)11.5” (292 mm)14” (356 mm)16.5” (419 mm)19” (483 mm)21.5” (546 mm)24” (610 mm)26.5” (673 mm)29” (737 mm)31.5” (800 mm)34” (864 mm)36.5” (927 mm)39” (991 mm)
Length “C” of security door16.25” (413 mm)18.75” (476 mm)21.25” (540 mm)23.75” (603 mm)26.25” (667 mm)28.75” (730 mm)31.25” (794 mm)33.75” (857 mm)36.25” (921 mm)38.75” (984 mm)41.25” (1048 mm)43.75” (1111 mm)46.25” (1175 mm)


This drawing is also available on the spec sheet.

Model Numbers:



The Letters “XX” Represents the Number of Gangs



Please note the part number only refers to the security box and does not include the console unit.


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