Sparrow Light-Duty Monitor Arm
Sparrow Light-Duty Monitor Arm

The Light-Duty Monitor Arm is an optimal solution for adjustable height mounting of LCD screens and flat panel monitors as well as keyboards. Screens can be mounted on the monitor arms in your choice of landscape or portrait orientation. Multiple mounting options are available for these light duty, height-adjustable monitor arms including rail mount, channel mount and two desktop mounting options: clamp style or grommet mounted.

General Features

  • Ideal for applications where only occasional adjustment is needed
  • Available with or without extension
  • Cable management made easy
  • Multiple mounting options: rail mount, channel mount and two desktop mounting options: clamp style or grommet mounted
  • 360° Rotation
  • 180° Pan
  • Accomodates screens 8-17 lbs (3.6-7.7kg) with 75x75 mm or 100x100 mm VESA plates
  • 11" (38 cm) Height adjustment
  • 40° Tilt

Mounting Options

Desktop Clamp Mount

Clamping provides a secure, temporary attachment for LCD monitors to a desktop

MRS Channel Mount

Mount to wall tracks, horizontally or vertically

Desktop Grommet Mount

Permanent attachment of monitor arm to a desktop

Direct Headwall Mount

Can be mounted to vertical rails on Amico headwalls

Dual Monitor Bracket

  • Can hold 2 LMA arms on one central mounting adapter
  • Can be added to any of the above mounting adapters

Computer Mounting Accessories

Monitor Channel

  • Standard wall channel 34" (48.3 cm)
  • Meets seismic requirements
  • Custom lengths are welcome

Power Holder

  • Holds most power adapters for PCs, patient monitors and LCDs

Channel Covers

  • Easy way to hide wires
  • Available in patterns and colors to match any decor

LCD Handle

  • Ergonomic handles can be added to any Amico LCD mount
  • Knuckle guard protects walls and user’s hands


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