Spectra Series
Spectra Series

Amico Clinical Spectra Series pendant systems are built 100% customizable and are always ready for future upgrading. Your choices included everything from console size, colour, gases, outlets and accessories depending on your unique clinical needs. Amico Pendants are available from 20 inch to 60 inch sizes, with your choice of single or dual mounts and single or dual arms.


Spectra Series Specs


Integrated Equipment Rails

  • Mount accessories in any one of the 8 integrated rails
  • All accessories are modular and easily moved on the custom Amico rail.


  • Prevents dust and bacteria from collecting on the top surface of the console with a round, easy to clean cover

Customizable Consoles

  • 100% customizable: including size as well as location of electrical and medgas services
  • We recommend blank provisions to allow the addition of future services

Hinged Back Door

  • Provides easy access to all internal components for hassle free maintenance

Electric Brake

  • No need to pipe in Instrument Air or Nitrogen - unlike pneumatic brakes
  • Intuitive control handle for easy ergonomic use
  • Energy efficient

Brake Options

Electric Brake

This brake allows for easy movement of the entire boom system.

Console Laminates

Multiple colors available for console laminates


Equipment Shelf
IV Poles
IT Station
Cord Wrap

Pendant Systems Movie

Pendant Systems Movie

Demo video showing our customizable pendant systems


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